VirTEE is an Open Community dedicated to building FLOSS components to enable the construction of Virtualization-based TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) using technologies such as AMD SEV-SNP, Intel TDX and Armv9 Realms.

Communication channels

Current projects

  • kbs-types: Rust (de)serializable types for KBS

  • reference-kbs: A reference implementation of the KBS attestation protocol

  • roadmap: The official VirTEE planning and feature roadmap.

  • sev: Rust library exposing APIs for the AMD SEV-SNP platform

  • sev-snp-measure: A tool and library for calculating an AMD SEV-SNP expected virtual machine measurements.

  • sev-snp-measure-go: A direct port of sev-snp-mesure for Go-lang integration.

  • snpguest: A utility for managing AMD SEV-SNP enabled virtual machines.

  • snphost: A utility for AMD SEV-SNP enabled platforms administration.

  • tdx: Rust library exposing APIs for Intel Trusted Domain eXtensions (TDX).

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What is a TEE?

According to the CCC (Confidential Computing Consortium), a TEE is as an environment that provides a level of assurance of the following three properties:

  • Data confidentiality: Unauthorized entities cannot view data while it is in use within the TEE.
  • Data integrity: Unauthorized entities cannot add, remove, or alter data while it is in use within the TEE.
  • Code integrity: Unauthorized entities cannot add, remove, or alter code executing in the TEE.

For more information, check this whitepaper published by the CCC.

What is a Virtualization-based TEE?

It’s a TEE that’s constructed using Hardware-assisted Virtualization, combined with other technologies (AMD SEV-SNP, Intel TDX, or Armv9 Realms) which enable the guest owner to verify the integrity and confidentiality of the Virtual Machine.

VirTEE is a member project of the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC)

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